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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Desmond Hogan is the author of "A Link with the River".
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In , he participated in the Santa Cruz Writers Conference. In , he appeared in Granta. It was in Berlin that he fell in love with Sammy, who has since died, with Hogan moving on to Prague, griefstricken, where he wrote his book Farewell to Prague.

Hogan returned to Ireland in , living in Clifden, County Galway. In , he lectured in short fiction at the University of California, San Diego. Interested in history, painting, traveller culture, he has used a typewriter since he was a child and finds the modern transition to computers difficult. Suspicious of the telephone, he prefers to communicate using postcards.

She was an important reminder that loving books could be just as important as being strong.

Dent, , pp. David Marcus ed. Daly eds. Updated on Jun 04, Like Comment Share. Contents Jimmy by desmond hogan bbc radio 3 Biography Readings Legacy Awards and honours List of works References The Cork Examiner said: "Like no other Irish writer just now, Hogan sets down what it's like to be a disturbed child of what seems a Godforsaken country in these troubled times. Biography Hogan was born in Ballinasloe in east County Galway. Organised by John Liddy. The Mourning Thief TV his first television play. Contributions and introductions in edited volumes, journals, magazines, etc.

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Binding ed. D H Lawrence. Fyodor Dostoyevsky. She has published five poetry collections, beginning with Permanent Wave , and most recently Cross-Talk Her forthcoming volume is That Other Island. Several poems from this new collection were published in the winter issue of New Hibernia Review. He is the author of two studies of twentieth-century American poetry, as well as the Cambridge Introduction to Modern Irish Poetry, He is currently a Professor at the Charles University, Prague.

Desmond Hogan

At age eighteen Morrissey won the Patrick Kavanagh award, making her the youngest recipient of the prize. In her fourth collection, Through the Square Window, , Morrissey explores issues of fertility, pregnancy and the landscape of early childhood. Alan Gillis was born in Belfast. His most recent collection is Scapegoat , published by The Gallery Press.

Since he has lived and worked in the U. He is also the chief poetry critic for The Irish Times. Although the information below relates to modern fiction, several generations of earlier writers must be acknowledged due to the enormous influence of their work on future Irish novelists. Novelist and socialist. He was born in Donegal and commanded an IRA brigade there, from , and was later imprisoned during the Civil War.

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Two of his novels, Islanders and The Big Windows , are regarded as classic depictions of rural life. Short story writer and novelist.

Novelist, playwright and essayist. A successful play, Distinguished Villa , began her writing career, and she gained notoriety with her novels, Farewell Spain was banned in Spain, and The Land of Spices , was banned in Ireland.

The Land of Spices is a protest against Irish insularity, and a subtle study of the ways in which Catholicism and Nationalism excluded a more European awareness in the newly formed Republic. She is now regarded as a complex and perceptive feminist writer who explores the difficulties of self-determination for women in the creative, sexual, intellectual and political arenas. Bowen maintained the tradition of Sommerville and Ross, leaving an invaluable artistic account of life in Ireland from the perspective of the Big House.

In The Last September, —-. His comic novel, The Life of Riley , and the subsequent novel, Identity Papers , are characterized by a dry humane intelligence and a scrupulously exact prose style. In Cronin published his Collected Poems, which bring together the work of a lifetime, from his first poetry collection published in , up through his collection. A new volume of poetry, The Fall, was published in He lives in Dublin.

Jennifer Johnston is an acclaimed novelist and playwright. For much of her live she lived in Derry, but now resides in Dublin. Her many novels 18 in total , deal primarily with women struggling towards individual identity across boundaries imposed by nationality, class, sex and religion. She published her first novel, The Captains and the Kings, in , when she was aged forty two, and has continued to produce a — — She was shortlisted for the Booker Prize with her fourth novel, Shadows on our Skin — , and her fifth novel, The Old Jest , won the Whitebread Prize.

In Johnston was nominated for the inaugural Laureate for Irish Fiction. John Banville Also writing under the pseudonym Benjamin Black b. Kelly worked as a broadcaster for the BBC for many years and has published several novels. He subsequently returned to Ireland and resides in Dublin. He has published nine adult novels and four young adult novels.

His most recent adult novel, A History of Loneliness was published in the U. His most recent novel for young readers is Stay Where you are and then Leave In Boyne was nominated for the inaugural Laureate for Irish Fiction. Her second novel, Tender, will be published in She lives in Brooklyn and teaches at Rutgers University. George Bernard Shaw was born in Dublin in to Protestant parents. He left Ireland for London in , and he remained in England for the rest of his life. A prolific author of more than fifty plays, Shaw achieved his greatest success writing plays in the tradition of social comedy which analyzed politics and the English class system as well as looking amusedly at the foibles of English society.

A convert to socialism in the s, he became a leading member of the Fabian Society, and his political commitment informs all of his writing. His most well known works include Mrs. One of his most popular successes was Pygmalion , though he alienated much of his audience in Britain with his opposition to the First World War. His disillusionment with the war was expressed in Heartbreak House , a tragic-comic diagnosis of the failures of Western European culture. Shaw was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in His first three plays were rejected by the Abbey, but the fourth, On the Run, was accepted in with the title changed to The Shadow of a Gunman.

The second play in the trilogy, Juno and the Paycock , takes place in the period of the Irish Civil War, and deals with the price the stoical women of Ireland pay for the vain heroics of men. The Plough and the Stars , which is the final play in this trilogy, is set in the brief period of the Easter Rising.


The play gains its dramatic force from the use of contrast, in this case the difference between the realities of violence and the platitudes of patriotic rhetoric which demanded it. In later life he concentrated his energies on writing six volumes of highly colored autobiography, which are notoriously without dates and freely inventive in style and substance.

However, the vivid descriptions of Dublin in the early decades of the twentieth century have been highly influential on subsequent writers. Born in Dublin into an affluent, liberal Protestant family, Johnston was educated in England and graduated from Cambridge and Harvard. The main character in the play, Robert Emmet, gets hit over the head, and ends up wandering through s Dublin, a satiric vehicle to expose the gap between the ideals of republican nationalism and the day-to-day realities of Free State citizens.

The play was rejected by the Abbey because of its expressionistic style, and was instead accepted by the Gate Theatre, where it enjoyed a highly successful run. Many critics consider The Moon in the Yellow River a comedy of ideas which challenges the moral and political bases of the new Free State, to be his best play. Johnston left Ireland in the s, and although he continued to write plays, he worked at a variety of careers, including war correspondent for the BBC during World War Two, director of television programs and university lecturer in the United States.

Born and raised in the affluent Dublin of Foxrock, Beckett attended boarding school in Northern Ireland and subsequently attended Trinity College Dublin where he received a first class degree in French and Italian. Both novels dismissed in parody the provincialism of the culture of the Irish Free State.

Behan was born in Dublin to a family with strong republican sympathies; shortly after he was born he was taken to Kilmainham Jail and shown to his father, Stephen, a republican prisoner during the Irish civil war. He was arrested in Liverpool and sent to Borstal for participating in an IRA bombing campaign in England and he also spent time in prison in Ireland. These experiences formed the basis for his autobiographical work, The Borstal Boy The publication of this book, along with his plays The Quare Fellow , and The Hostage , established his fame.

In The Quare Fellow, Behan illustrates the corrupting effects of prison on the human spirit. As a writer, he had affinities with both the Gaelic and the modern Irish literary traditions. The Hostage dramatizes for an audience outside Ireland the continuing fallout from a revolution which some in Ireland considered unfinished. Leonard was born in Dublin and brought up in the affluent suburb of Dalkey by adoptive parents. Stephen D. Some of his best work, Da and A Life transcend local and national concerns.

His most recent play is Dreamland , also published by The Gallery Press. In addition to poetry Clarke wrote plays, novels, memoirs and literary criticism. Patrick Kavanagh Patrick Kavanagh was born in the small village of Inniskean, in County Monaghan into a poor family of nine children, and much if his poetry is inspired by the rural environment of his childhood.