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Join the most elite team of pilots in the world and fly missions that never happened in aircrafts that don't exist. Pilot drones on recon missions, engage in fierce dogfights, and make crippling bombing runs. The futuristic Enhanced Reality System returns to help you target enemies, avoid threats, and harness the full power of your aircraft. And the ground below has again been created with images from GeoEye, one of the most advanced satellites in orbit!

Plays Like Items per page:. Sign In To Rate. Powered By. November 6, by Steve Watts. Sign In To Review. Eh, its alright Figher games are few and far between and i don't know why it's so hard to make a good one. X 2 inicialmente previsto el 3 de septiembre en todos Del 18 al 22 de agosto se celebra en Colonia, Alemania, la GamesCom, feria europea del videojuego.

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